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PUR S 420

Polyurethane screed specially designed for the creation of cast floors, smooth coatings, anti-slip floors and parking systems.


  • very good mechanical properties 

  • very good abrasion resistance 

  • very good chemical resistance 

  •  flexibility 

  • easy application 

  • bridging small static cracks 

  • waterproof 

  • very good colorfastness 

  • very easy to clean, decontaminable 

  • VOC content - the product meets the requirements of LEED according to SCAQMD Rule 1113 

  • Reaction to fire classification: Bfl-s1 



PUR S 420 is specially designed for the creation of cast floors and smooth coatings, anti-slip and parking systems SABROLI - CHEM. The material is suitable for creating floors in production halls, warehouses, car repair shops, parking areas, sidewalks, concrete tanks, etc. 



PUR S 420 is supplied in SET packaging of 27 kg.

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