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We believe that a satisfied customer is the basis of success and a clear proof of quality services. That is why we focus on individual solutions, reliability and a professional approach.

In almost 11 years of operation, we have encountered various requests and requests from customers. We always try to accommodate and find the most optimal solution. Thanks to this, we have the opportunity to work with a large portfolio of customers from large, medium and small companies. Together with our partners, we implement many interesting projects in various fields and professions.

We are proud to be a part of it.

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New ŠKODA Auto paint shop - MB

The Škoda car company has opened a new paint shop at its main plant in Mladá Boleslav, which should be able to paint up to 168,000 cars a year. The total painting capacity of the car company will thus increase to 812,000 vehicles per year, which should contribute to shortening the waiting period for new Škoda cars.

The new paint shop building, which required an investment of 214.5 million euros, measures 276 meters in length, from 60 to 140 in width and 35 meters in height. Inside, we find a total of 7 floors - 3 main concrete floors and 4 metal mezzanine floors. The floor area is 25,094 square meters, which is roughly three football fields. The gross volume of the building is 828,058 cubic meters, which is about 265 Olympic swimming pools.

The construction was unofficially already in October 2017, when excavation work began. The foundation stone was laid in December of the same year, technology installation began in June 2018, the approval process began in January 2019, and the first car was painted here on June 3, 2019. Painting has actually been going on for a few months, but the numbers are constantly increasing. While in the first weeks it was units of pieces per day, today production is around 200 vehicles per day. By the end of the first quarter of 2020, however, production should be at full speed, which means painting around 700 cars a day! The new paint shop is equipped with a number of new technologies as well as a high degree of automation.

Reconstruction of the National Museum - Prague

General reconstruction of the historical building of the National Museum.

National Museum_edited.jpg

Solar Turbines - Blizzard Beggar - Caterpillar Company

A high-tech repair center was built in the industrial zone of Žebrák. A state-of-the-art gas turbine test center.This new 14,400 m² facility focuses on product assembly and testing.

Reconstruction of Loděnice - Dukla Prague

The training center for professional athletes, canoeists and rowers from Dukla, who form the core of the Czech national team, contains facilities for all-day multi-phase training on land and on water. The building includes: gym, training room, massage room with regeneration, hydromassage and sauna, athletes' locker rooms, trainers' facilities, rest rooms, study room, operational facilities, dining room and boat storage. Up to a hundred athletes are in various stages of training in the shipyard every day.


Residential complex Osadní


KIKA - Nové Butovice



Jan Kašpar Pardubice Airport Terminal


Paint shop - EvoBus Holýšov - Mercedes - Benz



Residence Hadovitá - Michle

New apartments in Rezidenc Hadovitá are being built in the Prague 4 – Michle district. The eight-story residence consists of five above-ground floors and three underground floors and has a total of 76 apartments and studios. All apartments in this project have either a front garden, balcony, loggia or terrace. Garage spaces are available in the project on two basement floors. The residence stands on a sloping terrain, which was a real challenge for the Prague architects from Arx Studio.

SUOMI Hloubětín - YIT


Suomi Hloubětín is an emerging residential district with Finnish-style houses in the cadastral area of Hloubětín in Prague 9 . It is located between Kolbenová street, the tram line next to the Hloubětín train station , the southern border is the Rokytka river . The development company YIT Česká republika, which entered the Czech market in 2008 when it acquired the Czech company Euro Stavokonsult, is building the district on the site of the original brownfield on an area of nine hectares for approximately 2,500 inhabitants. The name Suomi means Finland in Finnish .

Construction began in 2016, and will include approximately 900 [2] [3] or 1,000 apartments. Although the entire complex, including the park and its equipment, was supposed to be completed in 2023, due to the simultaneous construction of the Lappi Hloubětín project, completion is planned for 2029. Initially, the construction was divided into 10 phases, which are named after Finnish cities. Later, an eleventh stage was added. The names of streets and public spaces, which refer to important Finnish personalities from the fields of culture, architecture and science (e.g. Waltariho Street, Saarinen Street , Alvara Alta Square , Tove Jansson Park ) also remind us of the Finnish character. The district will have a wide range of civic amenities, in the central area in the ground floors of the houses there will be commercial spaces for shops and services, as well as a kindergarten with a large garden, on the slope above Rokytka there will be a restaurant, the advantage of which will be the terraces with a view of the greenery. A natural amphitheater with a sports field and outdoor workout elements will be built near Rokytka. The complex is connected to a cycle path. There will be a dog park in the western part, and a community garden in the southeastern part. Access to the district is from Kolbenova street (Prague) .

SUOMI Hloubětín, 1st Stage, D1, D2 - Espoo - year 2017

The stage is named after Finland's second most populous city, Espoo , which is located on the southern coast of the country. The project is bounded by the streets Granitova in the northeast, Laponská in the west and Saarinenova in the south. Its floor plan is shaped like a roll. It consists of two separate buildings marked as D1 (North) and D2 (South), which have six above-ground apartment floors and two underground floors. Each of the buildings has 2 separate entrances. The roofs of the buildings are flat. Residential complex No. 1115 offers a total of 149 apartments (north house 76 apartments and south house 73 apartments) in categories from 1+kk to 5+kk with sizes of 31 to 130 square meters. [9] The collective garages in the basement have a capacity of 146 vehicles, there are 28 outdoor parking spaces. The houses were designed by ABM architects studio.

The houses were approved in 2017.

YIT_Suomi Hloubetin 1st stage.jpg

SUOMI Hloubětín, 2nd stage, OULU - F4, F5, W - year 2018

The stage is named after the city of Oulu , which is the largest in northern Finland and the sixth most populous in the country. It lies on the northeastern coast of the Gulf of Bothnia of the Baltic Sea at the mouth of the Oulu River. The project is bounded by Saarinen Street to the north and east and Revell Street to the south and west. It consists of three separate buildings. The north-west is marked F4 (no. 1129/5), the north-east F5 (no. 1129/1) and the south W (no. 1129/3). Ninety apartments were built as cooperative housing for the investor stavební housing cooperative Stavbař. The houses were approved in November 2018. At the end of February 2019, the apartments were handed over to users.

SUOMI Hloubětín, 3rd stage of TURKU - F1, F3, E1, E3 - year 2018

The stage is named after Finland's fifth most populous city, Turku , which lies on the southwest coast of the country and was the administrative center of Finland until 1812. The project is bounded by Saarinenová Street to the north, Laponska Street to the west, and Revell Street to the south and east. It consists of four separate low-energy houses in a moderate style inspired by classic Nordic architecture according to the design of the Loxia Architectes Ingenierie studio. The northwest house is marked F1 (No. 1130/13), the northeast F3 (No. 1130/7), the southwest E1 (No. 1130/11) and the southeast E3 (No. 1130/9). 106 apartments with sizes of 32 to 142 square meters are intended for personal ownership, are available from 1+kk to 5+kk and are equipped with semi-recessed balconies, terraces or front gardens. The houses were approved in 2018.


SUOMI Hloubětín, 4th stage LAHTI - C1, C2, C3 - year 2019

The stage is named after the city of Lahti , which is an important winter and mountain resort where the World Ski Jumping Championships are held. The project is bounded by Granitová Street in the north, Laponska Street in the west and Saarinenová Street in the south. The stage includes three six-story houses with a common single-story basement and ground floor. Because the houses have a common foundation, they legally form one building, in which one community of owners was created. In this phase, 104 apartments were built in layouts of 1+kk to 5+kk with sizes of 31 to 132 square meters. There are 39 apartments in the northern building marked C1 (no. 1140/1), 33 apartments in the central C2 (no. 1140/4) and 32 apartments in the eastern C3 (no. 1140/2). In addition to residential premises, the ground floor of the building includes 4 commercial units situated on the street (e.g. pizzeria and winery). The architectural solution of the houses comes from the workshop of the Loxia Architects Ingenierie studio. The houses have an energy performance certificate for building B. There are also 101 parking garage spaces, a room for washing dog bikes.

Construction began in November 2017, the rough construction was completed in October 2018. The approval took place on October 31, 2019.

Park on Moravské náměstí in Brno

We were part of the revitalization of the public park on Moravian Square in Brno.


Reconstruction of Building A in BB Centrum

The sensitive and effective renovation of the interior and exterior of the office building Building A in the BB Center in Prague 4 won the first prize in the prestigious real estate competition CIJ Awards 2019 Czech Republic in the Best Commercial Reconstruction category. Building A was built in 2002, underwent complete reconstruction in 2018 and became the new headquarters of one of the leading Czech banks, MONETA Money Bank. The CIJ Awards Czech Republic 2019 award ceremony took place on November 28 in Slovanské dům. Building Building A was in continuous operation for 16 years.

Home for the elderly - Karlovy Vary



Reconstruction - Cheb Hospital


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